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We'll give you university credits for what you know, not for where or how you got that knowledge or ability.


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Because you are an accomplished adult, you may have already met the requirements for a degree...and not even know it!
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Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds!

~ Albert Einstein


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You can earn 2 Million Dollars more over your career if you have a College Degree! - (U.S. Census Bureau)

About us

Here are the facts: Your lifelong learning may have placed you at a Bachelor, Masters or even Doctoral (Ph.D) level, yet you may be seeking advancement or struggling along trying to find or KEEP a job with no formal degree at all! The harsh reality of today's life in the real world is that a valid University Degree has become a prerequisite for career advancement and opportunity.

Allow us to evaluate your situation. You will receive credit for your life experience. We will accept all transfer credits. You will receive individualized attention from our facilty to create a program that is tailor-made to what you need. The Open University International Online also offers Scholarships, guaranteed student loans, and in some cases free online education courses.

Ask yourself: "Do I possess the ability or knowledge?" If so, then you probably deserve the degree