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Application for Admission

Note: All degree programs are designed to be finished in 12 months or less, if more time is required please contact us for alternate methods of paying tuition.

To apply now, please complete the application below (It will be submitted safely over the Internet using our secure server). * Remember! The better we understand your needs, the closer we can come to satisfying them.*

Your full name *

Email address *

Country *

Your state

Address 1

Address 2

Postal code

Mobile Phone Number (so we may SMS text you)

Educational level * Type or cut and paste as much as data as you wish, they will hold literally a novel!

List any and ALL other facts or accomplishments about you   Any additional achievements

Do you require financial aid ? Office of the Registrar will respond to you

No Yes


Male Female

What type of degree are you seeking?


Honorary Doctoral Degree (Minimum Honorarium $650 includes shipping and handling)

Amount to be charged: (Fees subject to change without notice, The University reserves the right to modify fee structure on an individual basis.)
$150 Application/Enrollment/Matriculation fee. (AEM fee) (Locks in current tuition rates for 90 days and entitles applicant to receive initial assessment and assigning of life credit)

In addition to submitting the Application/Enrollment/Matriculation fee. (AEM fee) fee, please indicate how you wish to pay for your tuition: (If you are not accepted by the University of Berkley, all monies, except the AEM Fee, will be refunded promptly!)

Payment in full (Receive a 10% discount off the total tuition of your degree program)
I only wish to pay the Application Fee at this time, in order to lock in the current tuition rates. I will decide how to pay my tuition later.

Invoice Option: Pre-paid (discounted) Degree Tuition fees will be shown on the drop down box while submitting your tuition payment. If you have special needs (Our guaranteed student loan, other financial aid, installments or degree modifications) We will need to invoice you with a special adjusted rate. Select this invoice option and submit only the $150 AEM fee at this time.
You may choose to submit payment of AEM and/or tuition in full by Bank Wire Transfer (receive a total 15% discount from total pre-paid in full tuition payments only.)

Total to be charged to credit card Credit Card:   $ e.g., $150.00

All applicants must submit minimum $150 AEM (Application/Enrollment/Matriculation fee.)

Click on the image below to proceed to payment

Application-Tuition Payments
Special Instructions

REFUND POLICY ~ Please note: Students who pay for their program in full upon enrollment and then decide to withdraw must notify the office of the registrar IN WRITING within 10 days of payment in full to be eligible for any refund. Students who are on the University of Berkley: Student Loan Program are not eligible for tuition refunds. In both cases it should be noted that the application/enrollment fee's are not refundable for any reason. Significant work including extensive involvement by the administrative and financial offices goes into the processing of your application and your initial assessment. In addition your Faculty Instruction Coordinator in charge of your academic/credit evaluation etc., will have already put in considerable effort on your program, hence if you withdraw, the $150.00 Application/Enrollment fee's ARE NOT refundable.

Please mail a resume/vita or a brief note telling us about yourself. Remember, by applying with your credit card, you lock in our current tuition fee even if you don't begin your program yet.





If you require additional information before enrolling, please click HERE to submit additional information without obligation, for evaluation and/or to talk to a representative.  Please feel free to call us at US Call Center: +1 312-661-9145 for more information as well.




Office hours: 9AM - 5PM EST Monday - Friday      Email
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