First select which title you feel your accomplishments best merit:

D.Sc. Doctor of Science
D.Litt. Doctor of Literature
L.L.D. Doctor of Laws
Ph.D. Doctor of Philosophy
D.H.L. Doctor of Humane Letters
D.A. Doctor of Art or Administration
D.D. Doctor of Divinity
D.Hum. Doctor of Humanities

Send along a Resume or brief autobiographical sketch. Tell us about yourself, your education, your abilities, talents, accomplishments, etc. You may choose to send copies of that which you have written or that which was written about you. (Any documents, photos, videos, tapes, papers, objects, etc. that are sent cannot be returned. Don't send originals.)

Choose level of "Honorarium contribution" all donations of $3,500 or more will be given lifetime "Sponsoring member and University of Berkley Alumnus" status. The office of academic administration for processing your honorary doctorate requires your minimum Honorarium of $2,000.

    $2,000-$3,500 $5,001-$7,500
$3,501-$5,000 $7,501-$10,000
Above $10,000

All contributions over the stated minimum will be applied toward the following funds. You can specify what you would like your contribution to be placed towards.

    World Goodwill
General Fund (University Building Fund, Philanthropy, scholarships, etc.)

Total to be charged to your Credit Card:
  $ Example: 2500 or 3200 or 2550
*Please enter whole numbers dollar signs and no commas
Or  Image

The University of Berkley, in an effort to keep tuition costs down and increase online security now accepts payment via "PayPal" or "MoneyBookers", both are the MOST secure, safe, inexpensive and convenient way of sending money over the web.  (Your credit / debit card  information is not available for anyone to see, not even us!). The owners/operators of this site may not conduct business with residents of theCommonwealth of Pennsylvania, USA

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