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While other schools raise their tuition rates, we at University of Berkley, the world's premier school of distance and life experience degree programs, are LOWERING ours!

Please fill out the University of Berkley Pre-evaluation form. It will only take you about 60 seconds to fill out this form and in return, upon your admission to our Life Experience Degree Program, we will assess what you already know, award you college credits and decide what your customized tuition rate will be! You can be well on your way towards a:

  • promotion,
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  • greater pay!

Your participation allows you to join us in celebrating our 16 years of successfully changing the nature of Education and literally building the "Non-Traditional", "University without walls" Philosophy!

Our unique approach, which we pioneered back in 1988, has enabled over 20,000 Berkley students to achieve something that otherwise would have been impossible! Earn your accredited, prestigious bachelors or other advanced degree at home, quickly and VERY affordably.

Take 1 minute to change your life for the better today!

Privacy policy: the University of Berkley will only use this information to contact you about a home-based degree program. The University of Berkley will not sell or divulge any of your private information, to anyone EVER! We never spam.

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