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A College Degree Earned Quickly in a "Non-Traditional" Online Way

For one reason or another deserving individuals have been denied the education or degree they wanted. This situation can be improved upon. Additional academic freedom is necessary in order to meet the challenge of the '90's and beyond, far into the next millennium.

Let us provide alternatives...

The rapidly changing needs and skills of adults in today's workplace has given rise to alternatives in education. The lack of flexibility of certain traditional schools is being compensated for by non-traditional schools. All too frequently, success is "measured in degrees". If a college degree will help you, the Berkley University' will be able to provide the necessary vehicle for you to attain that goal.

At the The Berkley University’, we do not refer to our students as "average" or "typical." All are unique, individual, real people. You won't get lost in the crowd with our school. You will receive personalized attention from your own specifically assigned professor or "Faculty Instruction Coordinator," as we term them.

Our University has the progressive policy of offering unlimited transfer credits. At the The Berkley University’ your entire life will be assessed to determine what credit can be awarded for life experience. Most traditional schools and even some non-traditional schools place a limit on transfer credits. Why? After all...if you learned something at one institution and thereby possess that can anyone think they can take that away from you? Yet that is precisely what most schools will do. You will find no such policies at the The Berkley University’. We are with you every step of the way on your path to achieving the degree you want. The The Berkley University’ and your Faculty Instruction Coordinator are as near to you as your mailbox, telephone, or computer

Generally a The Berkley University’ student will be a self-starter, who already has some or all of the knowledge required for the degree he or she is seeking. You may be a "professional" or a "lay person," you may have some formal education, or none at all. It makes no difference; you simply fill in the holes where you must. This is explained later under Structure of Degree Programs