Structure of Degree Programs.

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  1. No residency means that you work at home-no classes.
  2. Self paced. No time restrictions or requirements. Take as little or as much time as you need. (Note: we encourage students to try to finish within 9 months, but you may finish in 2 weeks-it depends on your abilities, expenses, and desires.
  3. Use of L.E.A.P.* -- UofB's exclusive "Lifetime Education/Experiential Assessment Portfolio." You may already "have" your degree and not know it! Through L.E.A.P., we'll determine how many college credits you have earned for everything you've done or learned, whether in or out of a classroom.
  4. Some Examples:

    • Self-taught computer skills
    • Books you've read
    • Hobbies
    • Travel
    • Tax preparation
    • Starting a business
    • Job Experience
    • Volunteer work
    • Attending Seminars
    • Community service
    • Military experience
    • Continuing adult education
    • Movies you've seen
    • Dance Study
    • Acting in a play
    • Learning a foreign language
    • Formal educational experience
    • Officer of a club/organization

    You will earn 20 credits simply by examining your life in detail and completing the L.E.A.P. forms.

  5. UofB accepts virtually unlimited transfer credits. If you have credits from another school these are generally all transferable to your degree program with us. Check with your personally assigned professor.
  6. Credit through independent study. If you lack the credits necessary for your degree, you may in effect do "new work" to fill in this "gap." You would be led through the new work or our extension education program by your Faculty Instruction Coordinator (F.I.C.).
  7. Custom tailored to fit your needs. You develop your curriculum, pick your degree and your major, with assistance from your F.I.C., if needed.
  8. Final Project or C.A.P*. The "Commensurate Ability Project" is your way of demonstrating your proficiency in your chosen field of study. It is very flexible and could take the form of a traditional thesis/dissertation, or you can create something of your choosing. Example include: an original audio or video tape (demonstrating proficiency in performing arts); a sculpture, painting or pottery; creation of a computer program; the writing of a book or training manual; an original work of prose or poetry or a thoughtful critique of an existing work; or development of a community service project. The structure of your C.A.P. is limited only by your abilities and imagination.
  9. Transcript. The UofB offers a unique way of expressing yourself and completing y
  10. Upon completion of the degree requirements as well as payment of tuition in full, you will be awarded your degree, at which time the University will send your diploma and transcript.

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